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AI Summary About CSLA .NET

05 Jun 2023

I wanted to see what the Bing AI (ChatGPT basically) had to say about CSLA .NET. I did tweak the result a little, but the vast majority of the following content was generated, and I think the results are pretty good.

CSLA .NET: A Home for Your Business Logic

CSLA .NET logo

What is CSLA .NET?

CSLA .NET is a software development framework that helps you build a reusable, maintainable object-oriented business layer for your app. Created by Rockford Lhotka, this framework reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications by providing a first-class home for business logic, similar to the first-class UI and data access experiences provided by the .NET ecosystem. You can use CSLA to create consistent, maintainable business logic that encapsulates validation, authorization, and algorithmic processing.

What are the benefits of using CSLA .NET?

  • Reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications
  • Provides a first-class home for business logic
  • Encapsulates validation, authorization, and algorithmic processing
  • Creates consistent and maintainable business logic

What are some of the features of CSLA .NET?

  • Business objects that abstract business entities in an object-oriented program
  • Standard way to create robust object-oriented programs using business objects
  • Consistent, maintainable business logic

How can I get started with CSLA .NET?

You can find CSLA .NET at

The code is on GitHub at The repository contains code samples that demonstrate how to use the framework with various UI frameworks such as Blazor, MAUI, ASP.NET Razor Pages, MVC, WPF, Xamarin, and others ¹.

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