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Career Update in 2023

05 May 2023

It has been a minute since I blogged, so this will be a newsy post.

About a year ago I left Cognizant (ne Softvision), which had purchased Magenic. I stayed for a year post-acquisition, but I must say that working for a 300,000+ person company is (for me) the opposite of fun. Maybe other similarly sized orgs have cultures more compatible with my worldview?

My intent was to focus on speaking, writing, working on CSLA .NET, and maybe do a little consulting.

CSLA .NET logo

And that is still a large part of my life. I have been speaking and working on #cslanet, though I haven’t done as much writing as I planned.

I am available for consulting and training around CSLA and related topics, so feel free to reach out if that’s of interest to you.

Late last summer my friend and colleague Marcel de Vries and I were having a conversation, and he managed to get me excited about their opening a US presence for Xebia | Xpirit. Enough that I joined Xpirit USA in September.

Xebia | Xpirit logo

My role is primarily focused on leveraging my experiences at two previous consulting orgs as each grew from very small to at or over 1000 consultants. Obviously the industry keeps changing, and not all lessons learned in the past still apply, but at its core the business of consulting hasn’t really changed, so a lot of successes and failures in the past translate to today quite nicely.

Over my years at Magenic we shifted from Microsoft-only to Microsoft-focused to being quite broad in our technology delivery capabilities. Magenic also grew from very small to quite large.

Xpirit brings me back to being Microsoft-only, and also small and entrepreneurial. I’m enjoying both aspects immensely!

Also, my role means that I’m here to make other people successful in their jobs and careers. I really enjoy teaming up with folks who have great ideas and supporting them as they deliver value to customers, or create cool content, or whatever they are doing to help make themselves and Xpirit epic.

(btw, Xpirit US is hiring cloud-native architects, app modernization folks, and Azure and GitHub devops experts)

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