Rockford Lhotka

VP, Open Source Creator, Author, Speaker

Next Step in My Career

06 May 2022

I am excited to say that I’m taking the next step in my career: becoming self-employed to focus fully on open-source, speaking, and writing. With maybe a little consulting here and there.

Career Change Announcement

This is the culmination of years of planning. One of my mentors and inspirations, William Vaughn, showed me the path I plan to follow, and I appreciate his impact on my career and life.

I’ve been writing a series of blog posts about my career, though I’ve only gotten as far as about 1995 so far. During my career thus far I have:

  • Built the product (working for a startup ISV)
  • Supported building the product (working in IT at a biomedical manufacturer)
  • Been the product (working as a consultant)
  • Managed consultants
  • Held partner and executive roles at consulting firms

I’ve had the opportunity to work in construction, manufacturing, finance, insurance, retail, biomedical, healthcare, and a few other industries over the years.

Most of all though, I’ve had the chance to impact people’s careers in technology through my books, open-source, speaking, and in my leadership roles in various companies. That’s really what gets me excited: the intersection of technology, business, and people’s career aspirations.

Now I’m in a position to focus on what I love doing, and I’m extremely excited for the future!

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