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13 Oct 2021

A while ago I switched from my self-hosted dasBlog site to a GitHub-hosted jekyll site. This has been good in many ways, but all my pre-exising blog content went offline as a result.

I spent some time recently figuring out how to extract that older blog content out of dasBlog’s XML files and into markdown. The result is the Archive

As part of this process, I discovered (remembered?) that I started blogging in February 2004, and created 667 blog posts between 2004 and 2018.

That’s a fair amount of content, and I’m glad it is back online.

Of course, not all that content remains relevant, and some of it was created (in the early days) using various experimental html techniques and technologies. So there are some posts that have weird formatting, or irrelevant content.

There are other posts that have content that is as valid today as when I wrote it originally, and that was my primary motivation: to not lose that good content.

Anyway, it is all back online now, so enjoy if you choose.

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